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Rokap Inc

1002 Yale Ave
Wallingford, CT 06492, US

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Rokap Inc is a family run business specializing in advertising graphics and illustrations for everything from signs and logos to websites and advertisements. We are conveniently located at 1002 Yale Ave, Wallingford, CT.
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Rokap Inc.

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RoKap launches

In our extensive work with major aerospace manufactures, one problem that has emerged is Foreign Object Debris and Foreign Object Damage, collectively referred to as FOD.

Our focus has been the graphic products that help support effective FOD prevention and elimination programs and trai...


Welcome to Rokap Inc

Some time ago, we completed the transition of our business to Rokap Inc., and ceased doing any business as Sign Stop. Rokap Inc. was always the corporation that stood behind Sign Stop of Wallingford. This change formalized a shift in strategy to integrate the diverse pieces of our business an...


The Rokap Team

In 2011, a crackerjack design unit was left in Wallingford by previous owners that decided to retire. These men promptly got to work making modern looking quality products to help the businesses around them flourish. Today, still wanted by the people, they survive as soldiers of creativity.


Ready for fall?

Signstop is undergoing a tranisiton.... into Squirrels! No, but there are some fun things going on right now. Call us to inquire more!


Goodbye Winter



Here is a list of our products, each with a mini-description & photo. Click on a product to learn more.


Tactile Signage to make your facility accessible to everyone.
The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) went into effect January 26, 1992. ADA is a landmark civil rights law that entitles disabled people to the same rights of access as other Americans. Rokap Inc manufactures and supplies the signage elements needed to comply with the ADA requirements without compromising style.
If you're confused about ADA, Rokap Inc is your source for signage that meets the ADA specifications. With our expertise, wide range of materials and colors, we provide graphics, logos, custom raised copy letters and Braille to meet your ADA architectural needs and identifications.
We do work for Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities, Schools, Hospitals, Office Buildings & Architects. Our knowledgeable consultants can help you coordinate architectural ADA Systems, room identification, directories, accessible parking signs, area of refugee and accessible exits.


Coordinated Sign Systems for Commerce, Industry, and Office Buildings.
Architectural Signs can greatly enhance the look and image of your property or business site. Rokap Inc offers a variety of attractive and lasting architectural sign solutions that can incorporate your logo, colors and graphics in a professional manner.
Post & Panel Exterior Signs
These signs are designed and constructed to withstand the weather and eliminate maintenance costs. They consist of 2.25 x 3" mounting posts of extruded aluminum, reinforced with an extruded frame. They can be lettered on both sides with a variety of typestyles and colors. Post and panel signs are typically used in front of a building to identify it or on the grounds to give direction to drivers.
Post & Panel Exterior Signs
For the modern building, Slatz signage offers color coordinated materials of tremendous versatility. The sign faces snap into modern clips with no screws visible. This method makes the updating or amending of signs a snap. An entire directory can be rearranged in minutes. The faceplates are made of anodized aluminum (bronze, black or silver) or of baked enamel finish. They come in different widths. The lettering is done with high quality vinyl in many colors and typestyles and logos can be added. To coordinate with various architectural styles, the signs can be finished with a square look, a rounded quadrant, or an angle side profile. The Slatz system offers the opportunity to create a coordinated sign program which includes the directory, doors, walls, desks and counters.


Advertise with Cost Effective Vinyl Banners
Vinyl Banner-Ads are a great alternative to permanent signage. They are flexible, portable and a cost effective way to display your message, promotion, sale or product. Banners come in a variety of colors and sizes and can be displayed horizontally or vertically. Company logos or digital pictures can be added to make your banner unique and add a dramatic impact to your display at a very reasonable cost.. Vinyl Banners can be used outdoors, as well as, indoors and come in different weights. Grommets, rope, poles, hems, ties and various hanging systems are available for your needed use. Rokap Inc can install your banner professionally.


High Impact Signs to Draw Attention
Draw attention to your services, property, vehicle or what you offer with well-designed trade & site signs. Trade/Site signs will provide the information that prospective customers need to know. They come in a variety of sizes & materials and are perfect for construction/job sites and real estate advertising. These signs direct customers to your property or office and inform them of your specials, contactor services and new construction projects. Our full color graphics ability can display an artist's rendering of what your project will look like. We offer quality signage, either permanent or temporary for all your contractor needs. Signs are available in metal, plastic wood, & magnetic or just plain decals to use on whatever you need. Let Rokap Inc make your signs attractive and eye-catching to draw attention to your business.


Distinctive, Professional, Corporate!
Rokap Inc sells quality 3-D letters, numbers, logos and designs for interior and exterior usage.
Brass, metal, formed plastic, foam, injection molded, laser cut, mirror look are just a few examples. Choose from a large selection of sizes, fonts, finishes and colors. Artwork and logos can be reproduced.
Cast Metal Plaques in bronze can be designed to identify, dedicate, commemorate or recognize special people, events, places or deeds. Cast metal plaques are a symbol of distinction and add a professional quality to any architectural environment.


Economical, Durable & Quickly Produced
Engraved signs are suitable for everything from exterior building identifications to office plates and badges. They are economical, durable & quickly produced exactly the same each time. Rokap Inc engraving comes in a variety of finishes, colors, font styles, sizes and materials. We can engrave on plastic, brass, aluminum, simulated woods and marbles. Signs can be mounted to the wall, partition or door, hung from the ceiling, or just framed and placed on a desk or counter. Company logos or designs can be added. Name badges can have clip, magnetic or pin backs.


Signs for Safety
OSHA requires the use of signs and tags to alert employees of any type of hazard in the workplace, as well as to assist emergency personnel in the event of an emergency. Effective use of these marking depends upon the signs ability to draw attention to the various conditions. By keeping your workplace safe for your employees and visitors by marking & identifying hazardous places in your facility, you will provide a safe working environment.
Rokap Inc can provide you with "Signs for Safety" and help you comply with OSHA regulations where needed. Markers come as decals or tags, in metal or plastic in various sizes and colors and are customized to your safety identification needs.


Promote Safety and Direction around your facility.
Let Rokap Inc Traffic Signage help you direct traffic & pedestrian safety in and around your facility and parking lot. Signs are available in 040 and 080 aluminum, plastic, magnetic or an architectural sign system. They come in a variety of colors, sizes and designs to meet your special directional needs. Reflective vinyl is available for night time visibility. Posts, U-channels, brackets, hanging & mounting system accessories, as well as tamper resistant hardware are available.


Vehicle Lettering & Graphics
Make Your Vehicle a MOVING BILLBOARD!!!! And Be Seen All Over Town.
Vehicle Signage is an outstanding advertising medium. It is immediately associated with your business. It projects an image of prosperity and credibility. Best of all, your name is seen all over town, selling your services and advertising your name round the clock. Your vehicle will be seen by millions of prospective customers every year. Vehicle signage gives your company the most bang for your advertising buck.
Rokap Inc Vehicle Lettering & Graphics are high quality, weatherproof & computer generated for permanent or temporary use. We have a large variety of colors & letter styles to choose from and borders, shadows, outlines & of course your logos can be added. Use reflective graphics to be seen at night & view through window graphics for safety.
Don't need to put your graphics directly onto your vehicle! We make Magnetics!!! Magnetic signs let you advertise without the permanent commitment and allow you to easily remove your name when it is appropriate for apartment parking or family use.
Rokap Inc can do complete or partial Vehicle Wraps to get you noticed!!!
Need another type of vehicle lettered??? Rokap Inc can help you here. We provide and install graphics for boats, cars, trucks, go-carts, airplanes and even helicopters. We are proud to have done lettering for the president's "Marine One" helicopter.

Need Assistance?

Not sure what your looking for? or just looking to ask a question? Please contact us at: 203-265-6895, or by our online form.

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